Announcement of new project [ ASAKO VIDEO CROWD ]

4月 20th, 2017

  Announcement of new project [ ASAKO VIDEO CROWD ] Video service utilizing crowdsourcing “ASAKO VIDEO CROWD ETUDE LLP. Provides songs to “ASAKO VIDEO CROWD”.       ■What is ASAKO VIDEO CROWD
“ASAKO VIDEO CROWD” is an Asahi advertisement company that supports a wide range of videos from mass media to interactive media, supporting many companies promotion and marketing for more than 90 years, 6,000 people worldwide as well as in Japan The world’s largest video production cloud service with the video creators above 90 Seconds Japan, Panda Graphics “Voip!” With about 13,000 registered voice actors and ETUDE LLP which produces music for movie and commercial,It is a video production service developed though collaboration.
■Background Online video advertising is a market that is expected to grow in the digital trend market. Evolution of technology enables flexible advertisement delivery, and you can freely select how you want to deliver video representation to users. On the other hand, in the production environment, the production system and progress that conform to the traditional TV CM production method are still more general, and it is urgent to develop a production system that can respond flexibly to the distribution budget, period and scale.       ■Three collaborations of ASAKO VIDEO CROWD “Marketing support” including complicated KGI · KPI setting and market research on online video advertising · “Expression support” including quality management such as selection of data driven appeal axis and creative direction, implementation from video advertisement distribution · Reporting and operation Asahi Advertisement Inc. is in charge of solutions focusing on “advertisement distribution support” such as improvement response. Video production has bases in 7 countries around the world, and 90 Seconds Japan, which bundles more than 6,000 video creators working in the whole world in the cloud, not only in Japan but also in the cloud. We can respond not only to domestic video production, but also expressions that require overseas location are speedy, high quality, low cost. So far we have a solid track record of delivering over 10,000 images to over 1,000 clients in 70 countries around the world. Voice production such as narration is handled by Panda Graphics, Inc. which provides “Voip!” Bundling approximately 13,000 registered voice actors in the cloud. A free audition allows you to select the best voice for your videos.       ■ From the setting of KPI, KGI, video idea proposal, actual video production, delivery plan, effectiveness verification Asahi Advertisement Inc. http://www.asakonet.co.jp/ ■ Video production 90 Seconds Japan Co., Ltd. https://90seconds.jp/ ■ Voice / Narration Production Panda Graphics Co., Ltd. http://voi-p.com/  

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